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November 02, 2015

Fight Frizz with Pureology Smooth Perfection Hair Care Line

Pureology’s new Smooth Perfection, launched in September, addresses the universal concern of frizz with custom stylers tailored to every hair texture. Helping to achieve the perfect frizz-free blowout whether your colour-treated hair is coarse or fine, wavy or straight. Technology today has found an answer to just about everything, so why should we continue to struggle with finding the perfect solution for creating frizz- and damage-free blowouts at home? With frizz being among the top haircare concerns and 37% of women experiencing frizzy hair each day, it is time to stop a bad hair day in its tracks.

I am definitely one of those 37%. Frizz is my number one hair prob. Living where rain and humidity are a daily fight I feel like the second I blow dry my hair it looks like I should of just worn a hat...or a bag over my head! I have fine, naturally curly hair, that just loves to shrink up and frizz out. As silly as it is my whole day can be ruined by a bad hair day!

Pureology's Smooth Perfection line has been in my hair care rotation over the past month and I am really liking it! The products when used together give a smooth finish to the hair and a sleek blow out. It means winning the war against frizzies even on the most dreadful of bad weather days. During my Hawaiian Vacation a Tropical Storm was lingering in the Ocean the whole time humidity was at extremely bad hair day levels and this set was a lifesaver.

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 As the first haircare range built specifically to create heat-safe and frizz-free blowouts for all types of colour-treated hair, NEW! Smooth Perfection protects hair from colour-distorting effects caused by heat tools to provide long-lasting at-home blow dry results and 72-hour frizz relief. Finally create a blowout that has the desired amount of control and manageability, while protecting the integrity of the hair.

Smooth Perfection Shampoo & Conditioner
For frizz-prone colour-treated hair this shampoo features advanced smoothing micro-emulsion technology, smoothing oils of camellia, sesame and shea butter, and the exclusive Thermal Anti-Fade Complex to prevent colour fade. The conditioner features the conditioning plant extract of geranium. I have been alternating this duo with the Pureology Gold on days when I know I will need something for frizz. Both of these smell amazing! It doesn't weigh down my hair and gives a smooth moisturized feel to the hair.

Smooth Perfection Lightweight Smoothing Lotion For fine to normal frizzy colour-treated hair. Provides smoothness, frizz control and helps protect from heat-styling damage. This was my favorite product in the Smooth Perfection line! It is so multi-purpose because it's a leave in conditioner, excellent detangler, and a heat protectant. Kudos to Pureology for creating two products dedicated to different hair types. Having fine hair leave-in conditioners can weight my hair down but not this one.
Smooth Perfection Intense Smoothing Cream For coarse, rebellious frizzy colour-treated hair. Controls frizz and unwanted volume with smoothness, and helps protect from heat-styling damage. This smoothing cream is the more intense version of the Smoothing Lotion. I use this in extreme situations but it can be too heavy for my hair. Those with thick coarse hair this one is for you.

Smooth Perfection Frizz-Fighting Serum For normal to thick frizzy colour-treated hair. Provides smoothness, frizz control and helps protect from heat-styling damage. This serum provides a great frizz-free shine. It takes only the smallest amount to get the job done. Most serums come in tiny bottles so it's great to have a big bottle!

Smooth Perfection Style Shaping Gel For frizzy colour-treated hair. Provides smoothness and helps protect from heat-styling damage. I don't use gel but when I did wear my hair curly back in the day I know just how much it helped keep curls looking sleek and not out of control.

 “Blowouts have become a weekly necessity for so many women, but they can come at a cost to both the wallet and the integrity of colour-treated hair if proper care isn’t taken,” says Ruth Roche, Pureology Artistic Ambassador. “Whether you’re striving for bombshell volume with waves, sleek locks, or somewhere in the middle, Smooth Perfection provides targeted haircare and customizable styling options to achieve the perfect at-home blowout for all hair types of colour-treated hair. The fact that it simultaneously addresses top hair concerns like heat damage, frizz and colour-fade makes it a beauty must-have!”

Smooth Perfection is a line I will be keeping in rotation for days I look outside and think yep it's going to be one of THOSE days. The shampoo & conditioner are excellent and I loved the Smoothing Lotion so much that I have kept it in the daily hair products that are must use.

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 Pureology provided a product sample for review purposes