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February 25, 2015

Bigger Brighter Eyes with LensCircle Circle Lenses

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of LensCircle. All opinions are my own.
Circle Lenses have been very popular in recent years, I've worn a few styles in my looks in the past. They just give that something extra to Halloween and Special Effects makeup looks. carries many of the most popular styles and eye colors from blue, green, grey, brown, to black, purple, and pink. The Hazel Twilight Circle Lenses are Vampire worthy...

About Circle Lenses:
Circle Lenses are special extra-wide cosmetic contact lenses which make the eye appear larger. Circle lenses are different from normal color contact lenses because normal color lenses are only tinted in the areas that cover the eyes iris, while circle lenses have an extra dark colored tint around the outer ring of the lens (The outer ring is transparent in normal color lenses). Circle lenses have gained tremendous popularity in Asia.
I chose the Hazel Twilight Circle Lenses to review. This style is a Honey color very similar to the color lenses used in the movie "Twilight" for the character Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson. That didn't interest me as much as it was a more natural style. Most of the previous circle lenses I've worn were very dramatic doll eyes meant for costume looks, these compliment your natural eye color while still giving that a huge bright eyed look.

Not being a contact lens wearer myself I found these easy to put in and take out. They felt comfortable in for the few hours I wore them. I like how these lenses blend in with my natural eye color while the dark outter ring gives that bright eyed effect. Circle lenses are a lot of fun for adding a dramatic flair to even the simplest of your eye looks. The effect is huge!

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