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November 07, 2014

Fulcrum Gallery Art Print Review : Lichtenstein Kiss V, 1964

The cool people over at mega awesome art site asked if I'd like to review one of their art prints, seeing as much of my inspiration comes from art it was a natural fit :) Fulcrum has an endless amount of artwork choices. Everything from modern, classic, pop, contemporary, to home decor styles and it's all completely customizable.

Settling on the print you want is the time consuming part, there's so many awesome ones! Customizing is quick and easy. With options to choose the size of your print, frames, glass, print placement..literally anything you want to do to make it your own. It took me about 5 minutes to select my options. The process is easy and you can see how it looks with each option instantly on the screen. I customized my print with a matte black frame, white top and black bottom mat to let the graphic "pop" more, housed in acrylic plexiglass.

I love POP ART and have been dreaming up a complete pop art wall for my home. I contemplated for hours looking over a good 2,000+ art works before getting some help from my better half to come to the decision on...

The Lichtenstein Kiss V, 1964. I love this print. The emotion, how romantically charged it is but also the representation of the times, media, and graphic style art.

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 Roy Lichtenstein Kiss V, 1964 ($126.99 regular price)

I can't wait to make this a part of my pop art installation!

It took about two weeks for my customized print to arrive. Fulcrum custom frames each order so it takes 5 business days before your order ships out. My package arrived securely, very well packaged, and in excellent condition. My print was a 15x15 but the box it came in was huge! There's a lot of care put in to make sure your prints arrived undamaged.

My second choice was the "Pop Pug". Shot down as too colorful and crazy..
 If you're a human to a pug you know if it comes in "pug" you will want it :)
Because psychedelic Pug is out I have my eye on this beautiful star cluster shot from the Hubble telescope next, geek alert.

Fulcrum Gallery will be where I go to for the continuation of my pop art wall and for prints in general. Try to catch one of their 40-50% off sales. I was a little hesitant ordering online not being able to "visualize" it in person and having something so fragile shipped, but it was wonderful experience and I couldn't be more pleased with the print.  Fulcrum asked me to discuss both pros AND cons in my review (when does a company ever do that?!) but I really had nothing but a positive experience, it's such an easy to way to shop and customize your home art pieces. I will be ordering from them again :) 

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*print provided by fulcrum gallery for review consideration