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July 29, 2013

Senna Cosmetics Summer SUNGLOW Collection Review

New for Summer 2013 from Senna Cosmetic's is SUNGLOW. A Collection which captures the warmth, sun, and eye catching color's of the season. The Emerald Isle look is warm with rich bronzed skin, emerald eyes, and fiery lips that burst with energy and adventure. BRONZELITE uses a monochromatic palette of sparkling bronze shades that create a tone on tone vibe to give wearable sexy, sun kissed, ethereal softness.
Sunglow features the hottest shades of the moment : orange, emerald green, and sparkling bronze. Take a look...

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Emerald: jeweled green
Rose Glow: golden pink

I'm a huge fan of Senna's eye shadow's. They're silky, pigmented, come in gorgeous shades, and these are right in line with the rest. The Glowing eye color's have a light-reflective finish that is soft on the eyes. The glossy surface and depth of color make even a shade of green wearable. The two shadow's in this collection are right on trend with the hottest color's of the moment. Rose Glow adds a beautiful shine and the champagne pink hue brightens up the eyes. Emerald is the color of the year and Senna's has done it justice in this Emerald duo-chrome-esque shade. Senna does color in such a sophisticated way that it never feels garish or childish to wear.
Ultra Black: true black
Ultra Brown: chocolate brown

The Ultra Last liner's apply smooth and creamy and allow you a little time to play and smudge them before they completely set, but once set they are bulletproof for hours even on the waterline. The thin chisel-tipped auto-liner style means no sharpening needed. I usually pass along retractable pencils to my mom because she likes using them, but these I kept for myself. I had been using Milani's retractable pencil's, the Ultra Lasts are just a bit better when it comes to staying power and pigmentation. Really excellent pencil liners.
Dawn: light bronze and seashell pink highlighter
Sunset: deep bronze and golden highlighter

Disclaimer: There are just some things in makeup I have strong opinions about: I don't like nude lipstick, purple, anything labeled "sheer", and absolutely no shimmer and glitter in face product's. With that said, my review is probably a little one sided :)

Both the bronzer and highlight side's in Brilliant Bronze are shimmery with glitter particles. Sunset is a warm medium bronzer with a very golden yellow highlight that will suit darker complexions. Dawn's bronzer is lighter with rose tone's and could actually be used as a hybrid bronzer/blush. The highlight is a pale shimmery pink. The quality is fantastic, they're soft to the touch, pigmented, and apply to perfection with the powder point brush. It all comes down to the preference of liking shimmer and glitter or not, and I just do not. The price is also kind of steep.
LIP LACQUER ($20.00)
Bonfire: blood orange shine
Sunstone: sparkling golden amber

Senna's Lip Lacquer's are moist vanilla flavored glosses with high shine. I went crazy over Bonfire in the tube, I love anything that references Blood Orange, especially in my drinks and lip colors. The color wasn't as bright as it appeared in the tube, but I know a lot of people will enjoy the translucent brightness and wearability of it. The fiery orange red is a unique color and one you probably won't already have 10 similar of in the gloss collection. Sparkling Amber is a shimmering rose gold that looks very pretty on tan or deeper complexions or placed just in the center of the lip for added dimension.
Down to Earth: warm golden chocolate
Midas: gold metallic glow

The Cream Lipstick's feel cushiony on the lips with long lasting wear and excellent color impact. I really love Senna's Lipstick's. One of my favorite's for summer is the shade Tango from the original line. I give them credit for not going with the usual summer offering's of coral or pink. However, I don't think many people are going to be able to pull off gold and warm chocolate lips, they are excellent lipstick's if the colors will suit you.
A dense and soft tip brush, whose bristles are made with natural hair, that can be used to apply face powders and bronzers.

The pointed shape of this brush lets you precisely apply powder in smaller and contour area's of the face better than a wide brush would. The flat sided shape places blush or bronzer evenly so you get a perfect application throughout, not excess in one spot. Super soft too!

While I'm not bronzed&beautiful enough to pull off much of this collection I love how Senna stepped out of the box and debuted on trend color's that really capture the Summer Season. My SUNGLOW picks: Ultra Last Liner's, Rose Gold eyeshadow, and Bonfire Lip Lacquer is just meant to be worn on these sweltering hot Summer days.

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