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February 06, 2012

Just a note regarding and such

I try not to get too personal in my blog or take offense to things written on the internet, but I felt the need to write a not so quick post in regards to affiliates, sponsored reviews, things I'm sent for free. It's possibly all me just being overly sensitive and the full moon :) So if you have no interest in this silly stuff feel free to pass on by, but if you do you can keep reading....

Honestly, I wouldn't have acknowledged this but one of my readers alerted me to some sort of a place discussing guru's and a negative thread towards me because of the sponsorship on my blog. It kind of hurt my feelings :(  I bowed out of the youtube scene for this reason, I have thin skin! I didn't want to be a part of something phony and all about selling out for money, popularity, or have myself put up for criticism. I've always wanted to remain true to my passion which is ART and the only focus being on progressing my ART, not myself.

I do have affiliate links on my site and am occasionally (but rarely) compensated. This in no way effects my opinion or reviews, and I always disclose that in the FTC when I have received something for free. Whether I got it for free or bought it, at the end of the day makeup is all just paint and colors to me. I am grateful that Companies value my opinion and skills as a Makeup Artist enough to send me their product, but in no way does that influence me. I had some requests to share some of my personal style..I love shopping and shoes, jewelry, and makeup.. just ask my bf, it's ridiculous! So I don't feel I've ever reviewed something that I didn't genuinely like myself. Any money I do make goes towards hosting and so that my photobucket bandwidth doesn't crap out. Believe me, it's nothing I can quit my day job for :) Hell, I couldn't even pay for a tank of gas with it!

Blogging is something I do simply for fun. I love sharing my creative process and makeup with you all and even more so love hearing and seeing when you guys are inspired by it :) I originally started this blog just to archive my makeup looks, nothing more, but I've grown to enjoy being active with it. I just wanted to clear up that I'm not "selling out", if I was I'd be making crap videos on youtube every week to get paid, not being a makeup artist :) I'm just trying to keep this site up and running so I can continue to blind you with my excessive makeup :) If there's any thing you feel I could do better with my blog or that you like or don't like (I am new to this after all) please feel free to email me at so we can chat about it.

Love & Art,
monroemisfitmakeup and her #girlproblems