Monroe Misfit Makeup | Beauty Blog: Where to Shop: Patricia Field

November 13, 2011

Where to Shop: Patricia Field

Many of you have asked me where I like to shop for clothes, accessories, jewelry etc., and outside of the normal chain stores & Seattle & LA boutiques i love to shop online! I thought I'd start sharing some Style posts featuring my favorite stores to shop at. These aren't "sponsored" posts or any of that nonsense, I just like sharing where I like to pick up cool sh*t with you :)

If you've passed by the Patricia Field store in NY, you might think it's just for drag queens and strippers! Well it is. But it's also for you and me! If you're not lucky enough to get to shop the store, they carry a nice selection online as well. They stock the very affordable to designer pieces. From sweet mini dresses, to crazy head pieces by Keith Haring. My favorites are the unique jewelry & accessories, shoes, urban tees, dresses, leggings,& house of field styles. Basically everything!

A few of of my purchases...

I'm going through this everything black, lace, spikes, metallic phase at the moment...or forever :)

and if I was a rich girl I'd have a closet full of Gasoline Glamour...

They're offering 20% off all orders now with code EARLYSANTA20