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March 21, 2015

Trying On: Budget Velvet Matte Lips with Me Now Generation Liquid Lipstick

Lately I've been loving velvety matte lips. Lime Crime, Kat Von D, Anastasia, Dose of Colors, even Jeffree Star all have liquid matte lipsticks that are pretty rockin. However they do run $20 or more a tube. When I saw these inexpensive versions on Born Pretty I thought what the heck...under $4 with 36 shades? If they suck it won't be much of a loss and if they don't, buy them all :)

Born Pretty lists these as 12 Colors Lip Gloss Waterproof Matte Velvet Long Lasting Lip Pencils and the prices range from $1.99-$3.34 depending on the shade range. When I checked today they were on sale for $2.51. The brand is "M.I. Me Now Generation II". With 36 shades in total from pale nude, bright pink, to a range of reds.
#26 (tawny nude), #25 (blue based fuchsia), #28 (vivid orange red)

#26 is a pretty tawny nude shade. It pulls a little warm on me, I was hoping for a mauve, but I think I'll find that in #2.

#25  Killer shade of fuchsia. I have worn this color three times already, such a super flattering deep blue based pink. Out of the three shades #25 dries down to a soft velvety finish the quickest. 

#28 Beautiful pouty orange red. This is what I wanted Lime Crime Suedeberry to look like but it was overly orange. Love being able to wear a red lip with out the worry of lipstick on my teeth or glass. These are very date night friendly lipsticks :)

Me Now Generation liquid lipstick far exceeded my expectations. I never expect much from "no brand" generic makeup, but these rival high end liquid lipsticks. The formula is light and dries down to a matte finish quickly. They are water-proof,  kiss-proof, and transfer-proof. Your lips also aren't left super dry after removal and feel comfortable even with many hours of wear. Being quick in application is important. A thin layer and make it fast or it will stay tacky like your lips are being glue sticked together. Once you figure out the application tricks though these are some really nice lip colors.

Here is a comparison next to a few of my Lime Crime Velvetines. I think they are different enough to not compare color wise.

#26, #25, #28, Lime Crime Red Velvet, Lime Crime Suedeberry, Lime Crime Pink Velvet

This liquid lipstick formula is so on lock down that you will need an oil based makeup remover to fully take them off. As you can see the Lime Crime were wiped away but Me Gen were still very much there, crazy crazy staying power.

Count me in for many more shades of Me Gen Liquid Lipstick. Born Pretty even does a wholesale set of 12 for $18.00, that's like a dozen for the price of one high end version. There are some shades that these just can't dupe like Lime Crime Black Velvet and Kat Von D Lolita, but other than that they are just as nice with a huge flattering shade range and a price that can't be beat.

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